1. Why choose Fast Duit?
Fast Duit can help you a lot!
This is because:
  • Fast Duit is always full flexibility to use money to play any game.
  • Fast Duit always experience fast approval and payment process to keep you entertained.
  • Fast Duit is online and user friendly. No headache applying for any free game credit.
  • Fast Duit is available around the clock to address any questions or concerns.
2. How does Befun's 'Play First, Pay Later' works?
  • Fast Duit provide 'Play First, Pay Later' programme just to let players able play game first without any deposit.
  • Players only need to submit related documents via online. The money will directly deposit into the game system once get approved at FastDuit Apps. While players only need to re-pay back the money depends on the credit plan choose during application.
3. Where can I check my credit balance?
  • Please check out at your deposit interface to check your game credit balance.
4. How can I deposit with BeFun using this program?
  • Once the FD application get approved, the game credit will be directly deposit into BeFun game system within 30mins. It is fast and easy.
5. Are there any games I couldn't play with this program?
  • No. There is no limitation to play any games provided inside BeFun game system
6. How can I withdraw my winnings?
You can withdraw your winnings as step below:
  • Choose the game wish to withdraw
  • Check the outstanding amount from FastDuit
  • Decide whether re-pay the outstanding amount or withdraw full amount of game credit
  • Fill the withdraw amount
  • Agree & withdraw
  • During bank working hours, it takes within 5 – 20 minutes to process withdrawals.
7. Who should I contact if I have any problems with this program?
  • All of our Customer Services Team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We know the importance of happy customers and nothing makes customers happier, we will be available around the clock to address any questions or concerns.
8. Can I keep all the winnings to myself?
  • Ya. sure. You can check your outstanding amount from FastDuit at withdrawal page and decide whether re-pay back or just keep and withdraw the winnings to ownselves. There is totally flexible to player.